Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Within a continuous improvement, and part of the most demanding project specifications, new technologies for the treatment,of biocontainment and dissemination of controlled air within environments, are constantly seeking to benefit these systems through new manufacturers technologies whether domestic or foreign. The demands in the hospital sector, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, textile, petrochemical and microelectronics, go towards continuous improvement, with the addition of new technologies and increasingly integrated and effective solutions.

The friendly refrigerants HFC's and part of HVAC equipment, and "friends of nature", free of chlorine do not harm the ozone layer, are day by day, they win the good sense of who designs, and selects air conditioning equipment and benefit our environment and the energy efficiency of systems. The increasingly strict Particle Control in the air, and its monitoring is one of the essential requirements to ensure the cleanliness of the controlled environments, and regulatory requirements are increasingly growing, requiring more modern equipment, and technological resources as well as manufacturers devices "online" and integrated particle counting systems for compliance with ISO 14644 -1.