Within the scope of activity of the Company are various high-tech engineering specialties, dedicated to Life Sciences, both in consulting, projects, coordination, construction management, commissioning of installations and TAB (Testing and Balancing) as well has preventive and corrective maintenance.

Clean Rooms Architecture

Conceptual and detailed design and the construction management of clean rooms and laboratories in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary and general industry.

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Project and construction management in general, fundamentally dedicated to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary and industry in general complementing and coordinating the existing needs of all specialties involved.

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Projects of industrial electrical installations, electrical panels, industrial automation, integrated systems projects of centralized technical building management (BMS) Building Management Systems. CCTV systems, customer tracking, fire detection, interlock systems, enthalpy counting energy.

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Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Project Management and Commissioning systems for pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms and ultrafiltration air systems, industrial ventilation and exhaust systems of general application, air conditioning for comfort environmental term. Global thermal power projects, chillers, pumps and hydraulic distribution networks.

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Projects and Installations Management

In order to benefit their projects, they should invest in the figure of a clean room facilities manager, with design knowledge.

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Purified Water (PW)

Project management and supervision Commissioning of water systems purified to pharmaceutical laboratories and ultrafiltration.

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Alternative Energy

Studies and projects of alternative energy systems such as solar photovoltaic, wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal, rubble, photovoltaic thermal.

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From technical advice to the conceptual and detailed design, and then on the field , Multipharma Consulting and Project Engineering manages and supervises all procedures and standards of your project taking into account the goals, and key objectives, of it s customers.

Working closely with the client, and always trying to understand is needs, the Multipharma Consulting and Project Engineering technical team is the ideal partner for your projects, whether new or reforming existing facilities in laboratories, clean rooms, or industry in general.